Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Dreams to be achieved


Being a mother is the nicest and sweetest things I've ever had. Thanks Allah...Alhamdulillah, really grateful to become a mother for Muhammad Ammar, Sumayyah & Muhammad Al-Fateh (dlm perut. hehehe).

I don't know why I don't have any mood to work-employed anymore. Seeing my kidz growing up, makes me so eager to be at home, observing my kidz progress; how they played, how they quarell each other, how they learn, how they spend their times etc. And frankly speaking I'm quite jealous with my maid bcoz she can spends a lot of time with my kidz rather than me, their own mother!

O Allah, please ease my way to be next to my kidz, become direct teacher for them at home...

Well, these are things that I've planned to achieve my dreams:

2012: Start looking for part time job during my maternity leave on this coming June 2012(maybe doing online business but not really serious)

2014: Perform Hajj

2016: Quit my job! And start my business that I've developed before in seriously!

Why I plan to quit in 2016? Because that time, my Honda City car has totally become mine (habis hutang daa)..and I don't need to worry to find money to pay the monthly installement anymore. While for other expenses, all are supported by my loving husband, Mohd Dzuha Mat Saad. hehehe. In fact, now also he supports 98% of our family expenses.

Ya Allah, moga Kau permudahkan urusanku untuk menjaga anak2ku, berbakti kepada suamiku dan lebih aktif dgn Dakwahku. Ameen........

p/s: Sorry if my English is too poor, act I have to improve my writing, thus only my online diary can help me in this.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hubby's in Netherlands


Quite long time I haven't updated my blog. And this time, I feel want to write something, expressing my feelings, relaxing my mind, releasing stress and so on.

Hubby's now in Netherlands (Holland), and frankly speaking I miss him so much!!But weird thing is, this time, I didn't cry when sending him (not as usual where I cried and cried when he was going out station even in Malaysia only!). Maybe because I've already cried one day before his departure (while being alone, driving my car to office). So no more tears on his departure day. hehehe.

Now my pregnancy already 4 mth++. Last check up, doctor has confirmed that my baby is a Boy! Syukur Alhamdulillah....and I am very happy to bcome a mother from my husband's seed.

I can't wait for my husband's return. May Allah bless him, safe him during his journey. Indeed I love him very very much, until I didn't know when I start falling in love with him.

Abg, I love you!!

-Your wife-