Thursday, March 17, 2011

Summayyah warded

Last Tuesday (14th March 2011), Sumayyah kena warded @ Columbia Asia Hospital, Seremban. Cause: Vomit & Diarhea.

Pity Sumayyah. This happened when I start to change the milk from Amum to Goat's milk (not remember d brand but it's act for age 1yr above). My fault, coz I cannot get the right Goat FM for infant. Try to search in d internet for Karihome brand but cannot find in Guradian. Then decided to buy 'this' brand. Gave her on Sunday night because she was very difficult to past her motion (sembelit), then on Monday night (at 8pm), she kept vomitting until she was very tired and nothing coming out, only coulourless liquid (showed that her stomach already has nothing!).

Tuesday, I took EL, brought her to Ibnu Sina's clinic, taking RL to Columbia. Fortunately my husband was not working that day (offday from offshore). When doctor saw her condition, and asked me, then with very slowly & calm voice, the doctor said "Please...if you want to change the milk, consult your paedtrician 1st" I think that's the moral of d story.

Sumayyah discharge on Thursday evening, after doctor satisfied looking at her motion.And now she's taking Similac LF's milk. Well, I have received email and read few entries regarding the 'Halal' status of that milk. But my husband said, don't simply trust the thread email, unless official announcement given b gov or any authorised body.

I will upload all the pictures after this. Act got so many things to say, but need to solat zohor 1st, and come back to work. Huh.....

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  1. kesiannya summayyah...moga Allah pelihara kesihatan amin.