Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Alhamdulillah...finally i managed to get a new job! Thanks Allah.

Erm, what can i say about my new job? Well, the job is really interesting. I need to take care of satellite system, where the end user is MINDEF. but the best part is, the working hour starts at 9am! hahaha...dats the best thing in my brain (betul ker ayat ni). since i always come to work at 8am in my current company (lewat lah tu), playing wif my kids b4 come to work, b4 pass over to bibik for the whole day. so ok lah for this new job, starting at 9 am (lg lambatlah aku dtg kerja). they offer 20% increase from my current salary, n they also pay 1 month notice to my current company (bcoz they want me to start asap). i lg happy lah...

ok, gtg. act now spending free time in office, while counting down my off days. huahuahuahua

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